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Jimmy Akingbola





About Jimmy Akingbola

Jimmy's warmth and charm is simply infectious. Even if he showed up on your doorstep dressed as Mick from the TV comedy Rev, you'd end up inviting him in for a cup of tea and a biscuit. The range of his characterisations knows no bounds. Perfect American accent in the Warner Bros series Arrow and NCIS, and an impeccable African accent in ITV's cosy comedy, Kate & Koji. Jimmy's other recent comedy performances include Ollie in Apple TV's Ted Lasso and full-of-energy Valentine in In The Long Run. We also saw him "detect" as DC Steve Bradshaw in ITV's crime thriller The Tower.


30 - 40

Vocal Notes

Versatile | Deep | Rich


London | W. African | W. Indian | American


Bel Air S1 & 2 | The Tower S1 & 2 | Kate & Koji | Ted Lasso | Most Dangerous Game | Cheat | In the Long Run | Living The Dream | The Machine | Fungus the Bogeyman | Arrow | NCIS | Living The Dream | Rev | Holby City | Death In Paradise | Ballot Monkeys | Twenty Twelve


Freegard | Full-Dress | Spectral | Blood Cells | Hero | Out Of Darkness | Rage | Habibti | The Car | Anansi | The Dimples Cry


Father Comes Home From The Wars (Parts1,2&3) | The Island | Detaining Justice | Othello | Look Back In Anger | Henry VIII

Computer Game Animation

James Bond III | A Secret World | Brink | Pirates Of The Caribbean