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Burn Gorman

Audio Drama

Additional material available upon request

About Burn Gorman

Burn struggled for power in Sky's Jamestown, but as Karl Tanner in Game of Thrones he gave cruel and immeasurable nastiness a new face. Also known for his role in Torchwood and who could forget his Eeyorish demeanour as Mr Guppy in Bleak House or his chilling, psychotic rage as Sykes in Oliver. Burn starred in the long-awaited feature film Enola Holmes, to critical acclaim. His recent film credits include: Kidnapped, Netflix's The Lift and Ghosted for Apple TV.


40 - 50

Vocal Notes

Distinctive | Characterful | Versatile


London | RP


The Offer | Halo | The Expanse | Cheat | Jamestown | And Then There Were None | The Man In The High Castle | Lucky Man | Turn | Revenge | Spies Of Warsaw | Game Of Thrones | The Hour | Larkrise To Candleford | Wuthering Heights | Bone Kickers | Torchwood | The Curse Of Steptoe | Bleak House |


Animal | The Hunger Games Prequel | Kidnapped | Lift | Ghosted | The Watcher |Our Man In America | Enola Holmes | Underdogs | Imperium | Crimson Peak | Pacific Rim | The Dark Knight Rises | Johnny English Reborn | Cemetery Junction | The Oxford Murders | Fred Claus | Layer Cake | Love Is Not Enough


Oliver | Shoot, Get Treasure, Repeat | Fragments | Breath | Ladybird | The Green Man | Ethel & Earnest | From Morning & Midnight | Gong Donkeys