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Robert Carlyle



About Robert Carlyle

Bobby created Begbie and the cultural fable of Trainspotting began. He received accolades for his film The Legend Of Barney Thomson and has worked with and inspired many of the greats, including Danny Boyle, Ken Loach, Bill Forsyth, Antonia Bird. And who could ever forget The Full Monty. Robert is the voice of integrity and one of the finest actors of his generation. He can most recently be seen in North of Normal and as the role of Fugler in The Performance.


50 - 60

Vocal Notes

Soulful | Gritty | Instantly Recognisable


Glasgow | Scottish | RP | American


The Performance | North of Normal | T2 : Trainspotting | The Legend Of Barney Thomson | 28 Weeks Later | The Beach | The 51st State | 007: The World Is Not Enough | Angela's Ashes | The Full Monty | Plunket & Maclane | Eragon


Toxic Town | The Full Monty | Cobra S1, 2 & 3 | War Of The Worlds | Once Upon A Time | Stargate Universe | 24 | Human Trafficking | Hamish Macbeth


Twelfth Night | Dead Dad Dog | Othello