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Mathew Baynton

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About Mathew Baynton

Actor, Writer, Musician. Mat Baynton's talents are limitless. From William Shakespeare in Bill, to Berkshire County Council's town planning and noise guidance advisor, in the international hit series; The Wrong Mans. Mathew has portrayed every prominent figure in history, in what is now considered to be a cult classic series; Horrible Histories. A multi award winning TV (and stage show) which has become an integral part of family households across the UK, as well as outside. His Pythonesque and surrealist characters in Yonderland accumulated equal cult following amongst generations of all ages. His most recent credits include Quacks and Vanity Fair. And his epic co-creation for the BBC, Ghosts, has fast become that cosy comedy you can't help but love!


30 - 40

Vocal Notes

Gentle | Comedic | Surreal


London | RP | American |


Ghosts | Vanity Fair | One Normal Night | The Split | Quacks | Drunk history | Inside No9 | You, Me and The Apocalypse | Psychobitches | The Wrong Mans 1 + 2 | SPY | Peepshow | Horrible Histories


Wonka | Bill | The Falling | You Instead | Hereafter | Telstar | 1,2,3,4 |


Holes | Horrible Histories BBC Proms | The Works | Office Party

Writing Credits

Ghosts | Quacks | School for Santas | Yonderland | The Wrong Mans | Horrible Histories |

Radio Plays

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead | The Reluctant Persuaders | The Importance Of Being Earnest | My Boy Jack | Human Resources | Forty Weeks |