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India Amarteifio


Voice Acting

About India Amarteifio

India’s vocal talents can range from cool and upbeat teen to accessible young adult. She attended Sylvia Young Theatre School before graduating from Arts Ed in 2020. Her TV roles include Sex Education, Line of Duty and Doctor Who. India is also an extremely talented singer, she played Young Nala in The Lion King West End show and Violet in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Musical. And, of course... the title role in Netflix’s Bridgerton Spin-Off, Queen Charlotte.


16 - 22

Vocal Notes

Upbeat | Accessible | Cool


American-Standard | London | RP


Queen Charlotte | Sex Education | The Midwich Cuckoos | Unforgotten | The Tunnel | Line of Duty | Doctor Who


Military Wives


Charlie & The Chocolate Factory | Matilda: The Musical | The Lion King | Snow White