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Dylan Llewellyn



About Dylan Llewellyn

Best known for his hilarious portrayal of the way-out-of-his-depth James in Derry Girls, Dylan has spent a long time entertaining the British public through our TV screens. He can be spotted in Holby City, Hollyoaks, The Bill, and most recently in BBC's Call The Midwife. A comedic egde or sparkle can be detected in his cool, natural tones. And despite the innocuous "simpleness" of his beloved Derry Girls character, Dylan's voice has a youthful reassurance to it, making it perfect for a whole host of material.


16 - 25

Vocal Notes

Upbeat | Accessible | Cool | Comedy


American-Standard | Bristol | Cardiff | Cockney | Devon | English-Standard | Essex | Estuary English* | Liverpool | Manchester | Welsh